Gallery Shows

We host quarterly “Whet Your Palette” receptions at the opening of each new exhibit to celebrate our new artists and works.  They are free, open to the public, and are sure to delight! The Artful Lawyer does not take commission on sales of work in the Gallery proper — sales of work are conducted primarily between the artists and their customers.

Current Exhibit

January 30 – April 17: Abstracts
Start your artful year with our Abstracts Exhibit! Art by Joyce Arditti, Ruth Cline, Marie Collier, Tamara Ghosh, Teri Hoover, Ruth Lefko, Nicholas Milinazzo, Rita Montrosse, Nancy Norton, Joni Pienkowski, Katy Shepard, and Starroot.

2019 Applications

April 24 – July 17: Pottery, Poetry & Pastels
This show will feature work in all three categories.  Artists may apply in multiple categories.  Poetry may, but does not have to, correspond with pastel art (oil or dry) but if it does, it will be exhibited alongside the corresponding piece(s).

Deadline for Applications: March 22
Acceptance Notification: March 29
Whet Your Palette Reception: April 24 at 5:30pm
Applications Now Closed – In Review

July 24 – October 9: Inside Out — Selfies
We are living in a selfie-obsessed world and this is your chance to focus and craft your own narrative. Artists may use any medium to represent an original selfie and may represent that self in multiple pieces.  As an added twist, artists can pair up and depict each other.  Because after all, how we see ourselves can differ drastically from the way those close to us see us!  Selfies will be exhibited alongside any other representations.

Deadline for Applications: June 21
Acceptance Notification: June 28
Whet Your Palette Reception: July 24 at 5:30pm

October 16 – December 18: Fiber Art
All manners of fiber art will be considered for this show.

Deadline for Applications: September 13
Acceptance Notification: September 20
Whet Your Palette Reception: October 16 at 5:30pm


If you cannot access the above links for our artist application or if you’d like to print our application, please contact Diana Francis at  

Past Shows
See our Archives for full artist listings