Blacksburg Art Receptions

Whet Your Palette: Printmaking Exhibit

Join us July 19 for our medium-rich Printmaking exhibit featuring block prints by Erin Collins, inkjet and plexiglass layering technique work by Alex Crookshanks, Vietnamese landscape woodcut prints by RU MFA student Lam Tung Dinh, serigraphy by potter and printmaker Kathy Elich, multimedia and textile printing by Andrew Hill, prints by RU MFA student, printmaker and photographer L.S. King, prints and accompanying sculptures by Darcy Meeker, and calligraphy and prints by Elvira Skuzinski.



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Whet Your Palette: Deux-by-Deux, Redux

We are revisiting our Side by Side concept from 2014 and have invited pairs of artists to join us with featured work from their direct partnership or from their solo work that still shares a connection. We are proud to present works from Larry & Haley Bechtel, Larsen & Jeanette Bowker, Riley & Charlotte Chan, Leslie Roberts Gregg & Lauren Roberts, Dale & Nancy Norton, Donald & Joanna Sunshine, Michele Walter & Suzanne Ross, Roberta Sallee & daughters, and Robert & Kayla Smith.  We will as always reprise our Artful Raffle so that you can both give back to our community artists and cherish a work of beautiful local art in your home.  Justin Craig will be here as well to entertain and delight throughout the evening!  We hope you can join us!

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