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We host Gallery shows to celebrate our new artists every quarter. Our “Whet Your Palette” receptions are free, open to the public, and are sure to delight! The Artful Lawyer does not take commission on sales of work in the Gallery proper — sales of work are conducted primarily between the artists and their customers


  2018 Exhibits

On Exhibit Now
October 17- December 19: Black & White

For our last show of the year, we’ve got many participants with work that gets back to the basics of black and white. See how these artists play with the two extremes in photography, minimalist drawings, crochet, sculpture and more.
Participating Artists: Lisa Acciai, Hershel Brewer, Marie Collier, Eric Cowan, Holly Cromer, Karen Gilbert, Teri Hoover, Joe Ingram, L.S. King, Gilda Machin-Scarpaci, Mohsen Manteghi, Larry Mitchell, Amanda Snidow, Michele Sons, Quin Spencer, Donald and Joanna Sunshine

Previous 2018 Exhibits:

February 7 – May 2: Transportation

A celebration of how we move and by what method. Lots to choose from old to new. Trains and rails, cars, bicycles, boats, taxi. What moves you?
Participating Artists: Kirk CarterMarie Collier, Alex Crookshanks, Zoe Katz, L.S. King, Susan Lockwood, and Michele Walter

May 9 – July 25: Drawing & Sculpture

This dual show will feature drawings (dry medium such as pen and ink, pen, charcoal, etc.) and sculpture.  Artists may apply in one or both categories.
Participating Artists: Larry Bechtel, Elizabeth Carr, Marie Collier, Matt Gentry, Sue Hossack, Jennifer Lovejoy, Dennis Neale, David Pearce, Nikki Pynn, Mary Ratliff, Bob Rotche, Elvira Skuzinski, and Gerri Young

August 1 – October 10: Social Commentary

Gender equality, Mountain Valley Pipeline, cancer awareness, war, the effect of loneliness, poverty, cultural identity, social media. This show will tackle issues and through art, spark discussion about the world around us.
Participating Artists: Marie Collier, Alex Crookshanks, Michael Mortimer, Martha Olson, Robi Sallee, Linda Shroyer, Donald Sunshine, Felta Virginia and first-time exhibitors Zach Baker, Tamara Ghosh, James Harder, Anne Sampson and Maggi Williams


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Past Shows
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