The NRV Through an Artist’s Eye Art & Book Project

The Art Project

Blacksburg often makes national lists as an affordable mountain town for retirement, a wonderful place to raise kids, and a dream town for outdoor enthusiasts.  One of the reasons we join those ranks every year is because the New River Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains are ancient, lovely and majestic to behold. What better way to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us than to showcase it through art?  And, particularly, art captured by the eyes and rendered by the hands of the talented artists here in the Valley who take it in every day!

So, for this show, we invited artists from across the NRV to photograph, paint, collage, or otherwise interpret artistically what moves them about the New River Valley.  We have 52 artists depicting 51 locales, all viewable on our website. All original works will be contributed to The Gallery and will be featured in both a judged Whet Your Palette show at the Gallery in October, with prizes and a silent auction, and in the corresponding book project that will be published by The Gallery and offered for sale throughout the New River Valley and beyond.  With sufficient support from our community contributors — Arts Partners, Arts Patrons, and Arts Lovers — our aim is to cover all costs associated with our book printing, distribution, and marketing efforts as well as to assist the artists with professional framing of the works to enhance their beauty and increase their value to our auction attendees.

Sample Book Spread

The Book Project 

To preserve and share the
NRV Through an Artist’s Eye, each art piece will be featured in a professionally published 12×9” landscape, full color book.  Each artist will receive full credit and attribution in both the book project and in connection with all subsequent exhibits and derivative works produced from the art.  The below is a preliminary example of a full two-page spread in the book.  Each piece of art will be featured with the artist’s full name and medium details alongside the artist’s bio and a story to accompany the artist’s impression of the New River Valley as reflected in each piece.  You will also notice that the geographical coordinates of the location are included with each piece.  They will link to a map that will be included in the book and on our website to assist visitors to the New River Valley in finding their favorite destinations within the book.


This book will take you on a tour of places in our valley that are historically and personally relevant to each artist. Some are tourist attractions, some are places you may not recognize. But together the 51 pieces, coupled with their narratives, paint an artistic story of our region.  Through the artist’s perspective, we will see a glimpse into the history of the Walton railroad, Ingles Farm, the Newport covered bridge, and the Alexander Black House, and other notable landmarks.  We will also experience the incredible views from our iconic Blue Ridge Mountains as well as more intimate perspectives shared from our artists’ own home fronts. With your support, we can help create a legacy project for our exemplary community artists, while promoting tourism in our valley and sharing its beauty with our friends and family.  

Projected Book Costs

We have three primary costs associated with the project.  The Gallery will manage and handle in-house all aspects of coordination of the art show, book design, and design of any and all derivative works produced so as to avoid additional costs associated with third parties who could provide the same services.  The following represents the projected costs associated with those aspects of the Project that must be provided by others:  

  1. Photography of the original artwork for both the Book Project and subsequent prints and derivative works
  2. Printing and Publishing
  3. Professional framing of the works for exhibition
  4. Awards for the artists during the judged art show on October 4
  5. Costs associated with hosting the judged art show and hosting the silent auction

Funding Options

We are seeking five Arts Partners (local businesses) willing to invest $2,500 each into the overall Project; five Arts Patrons (individuals or small businesses) to invest $1,000 each; and any number of Arts Lovers (individuals) who may contribute $100 and above to help us attain our fundraising goal to ensure this Project reaches its successful conclusion and achieves its fullest potential.  

All funds raised by, for and through the Project will be reinvested into the Project, to cover costs associated with: digital photography of all the works; publication, sales and marketing of the Book and derivative projects; providing awards for our artists during the October juried art show; ensuring a successful and rewarding live and silent auction of all the works; and assisting artists with the professional framing and presentation of their works.

Benefits of Sponsorship

We are asking you to share in this Project because we believe that you foster and support the same ideals about building community and love for our home here in the Blue Ridge through artistic expression that we so dearly behold.

For Our Arts Partners ($2500 gift)

Your business has made a valuable impact on our local economy and helps influence the perception of our region as an arts and culture destination.  In the introductory pages of this book, we plan a full 2-page feature profile for each of our Arts Partners, including text and multiple photographs, through which your business will have a chance to let our community know about your business, how and why the arts play a role in your business, and — in order to connect thematically to the book itself — why your business has chosen the New River Valley for its home.  With our intended widespread distribution of the Book across the Commonwealth, it will be an excellent opportunity to showcase your business as a cornerstone supporter of the Arts in the NRV.  

For Our Arts Patrons ($1000 gift)

You have been a supporter of arts in the New River Valley and want to see our region recognized for its beauty as well as its artistic community.  In the introductory pages of this book, we plan a single page profile for each of our Arts Patrons, sharing your reasons for patronizing the arts in the New River Valley and including a photograph of your choosing.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate your lasting support for the arts in the NRV.    

For Our Arts Lovers ($100 or more gift)

You simply love the arts.  Dance, theatre, art galleries, poetry, you name it.  All of our Arts Lovers will be placed in a collective listing in the Book’s introductory pages showing our thanks for your support in this endeavor.  The listing will be separated by categories of giving levels:  Apprentice ($100-$249), Journeyman ($250-$499), Scholar ($500-$749), and Master ($750-$999)

A summary of the benefits associated with each of these giving levels follows.



SPONSOR LEVEL 2-page feature profile in Book with color pictures 1-page profile in Book with single color picture A copy of The NRV Through an Artist’s Eye book Link on
The Artful Lawyer website
Logo in all advertising, print or digital Name recognition in the Book, at the Gallery show and in promotions
Arts Partner
 X  X  X  X  X
Arts Patron
 X  X  X
Arts Lover

Thank you to our Sponsors!





“The NRV Through an Artist’s Eye” List of Locales & Assigned Artists

Sponsor Packet

Show Dates: October 4 – December 13

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